B2B Pay Per Click Management

B2B PPC – we pride ourselves on our ability to segment out and target your pay per click advertising audience. B2B PPC strategy – Macon RaineMacon Raine is a Google Partner – all team members are certified in Google AdWords and Google Analytics.

With multiple pay per click tools, analytics, and other tech tools at our disposal, we are able to quickly review your PPC performance and find hidden gems to assist with Adwords lead generation.

B2B PPC Step 1

PPC Campaign Strategy and Management

Understanding your business goals is imperative to the success of your PPC advertising. Our team works together to maintain an effective cost per lead strategy that aligns with your goals by:

  • Understanding your current account architecture and finding ways to improve it. If your account is brand new, we provide a proven structure from the beginning for optimal success.
  • Performing a keyword analysis on current setup or we can jump right in to keyword strategy development depending on your needs.
  • Reviewing your analytics to find gaps in paid vs organic traffic. We’ll continually monitor analytics as part of our account management and report back to you our findings.

B2B PPC Step 2

PPC Management and Strategy

With multiple tools at our fingertips and years of experience, we develop a killer B2B PPC strategy that finds you:

  • new keywords your audience (and possibly your competitors) are using
  • low hanging fruit that you can quickly convert on
  • negative keywords you should be using to decrease wasteful spend
  • we’ll also look at what keywords you rank organically for and determine a strategy to boost conversions

When it comes to B2B lead generation, PPC is used with other tactics for comprehensive coverage. Sometimes our keyword strategy research uncovers gaps in your organic rank. When that happens, we’ll provide you with the information you need to develop new content. If you need help with content development, that’s one of our sweet spots. Just ask.

B2B PPC Step 3

B2B PPC Retargeting & Remarketing

Using retargeting and remarketing on your paid advertising can boost your conversions and increase your ROI. We can help you utilize PPC to:

  • Drive growth through dynamic B2B remarketing
  • Optimize retargeting with list segmentation, exclusions, and overlays
  • Use KPIs to strengthen messaging and conversion
  • Provide insight and execute behavioral retargeting

Effectively retargeting visitors to your website who didn’t perform a desired action increases conversions and generates more leads.

Retargeted users are 70% more likely to convert.

B2B PPC Step 4

Understanding the B2B Buyer’s Journey

To better understand the buyer’s journey, your PPC account manager does a deep dive into your industry, your company, your competitors, and the buyer’s journey to understand:

  • When your potential buyer notices they have a problem.
  • What your potential buyer does research to solve their problem.
  • What choices your potential buyer has when making a decision.
  • How effective your company is at each of the stages.
  • What we can do to improve the journey to increase conversions.

B2B PPC Step 5

B2B PPC Landing Pages

When your pay per click (PPC) advertising is managed by Macon Raine, we provide consulting on best practices for your landing pages and calls to action (CTAs). Leverage our experience and insight for…

  • A/B Testing of headlines
  • Copy and messaging adjustments
  • Calls to action that encourage conversion
  • Graphics that visually engage the visitor
  • Alignment with PPC campaigns

No time to implement yourself? Your PPC management can include A/B testing and optimization of landing pages performed by our team.

B2B PPC Step 6

Ad Creative & Design

Your PPC account manager and our graphic design team work together to develop messaging that drives your audience to act.

Both text and image ads, consistent with your branding, are continuously tested to optimize performance for conversions. Our focus includes:

  • Construction of the right message.
  • Targeting of the right audience.
  • Delivery at the right time.

B2B PPC Recommendation

Combine Content Marketing with PPC

As a B2B content marketing agency, we can show you how to use content marketing, SEO and PPC to grow your business. In 99% of cases, we combine content marketing strategy with pay per click advertising efforts and create a ‘hybrid’ digital marketing campaign. This approach is a win-win.

High quality, relevant content is a long-term strategy that boosts rankings, improves pay per click advertising quality scores, builds authority and strengthens brand awareness. With solid content that converts organically, additional PPC dollars generate even more leads and improves conversion rates. In other words, PPC combined with content marketing helps you capitalize on your efforts while you wait for the search engines to catch up to your SEO efforts.

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