Founder and creative director

Ben Bradley

I’m a marketer and a strategist. My newest project is all about inventing better ways to connect jobs to talent.

In other words, I’m trying to help people find great jobs, improve economies, and grow businesses.

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Things you should know about me.

I was born naked, scared, helpless, and incontinent. I eventually overcame three of those challenges and I am now managing director of Macon Raine – a lean B2B marketing agency.

I drive a Jeep, enjoy gluten, soup, and long romantic walks to the fridge. I can prepare 5-minute rice in 4 minutes. I am solely responsible for making the sweater vest fashionable again.

I live at the intersection of sales, technology, and marketing with my wife, two children, and two dogs – a Latvian Otterhound (Lucille) and a Westphalian Loef Pinscher (Rosalee).

I am an avid indoorsman. My primary interests include network security, marketing automation, content development, CRM, search, revenue management, subscription business models, lean marketing, customer development, data hygiene, military public affairs, self-organizing networks, and collaborative work management.

I frequently lecture my wife and children on a variety of topics.

I’m a graduate of the University of Iowa and I was a member of the undergraduate Iowa Writer’s Workshop.

Ben Bradley

Founder and Creative Director, Macon Raine

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