One of the biggest mistakes a company makes is thinking they can either hire a marketer or hire an agency. A third option is a hybrid approach – building the equivalent of a marketer by combining the talents of multiple experts into a FTE equivalent. Before diving into the many reasons why a company would bring in a fractional marketing team, it’s important to understand what a fractional marketing team represents.

In essence, a fractional marketing team–is “assembled” from multiple experts to form the equivalent of one full stack marketer. The full-stack marketer is built by combining a small, focused team of experts in creative, design, technology, content and analytics into a single FTE. As a team, they understand that the immediate need to strengthen marketing might be a response to an important development in the business, a growth spurt or a downturn, new capital infusion, new product launch, or a change in management team or strategy.

There are several types of companies that may find themselves in a position to build a fractional full-stack marketer. Generally, they are:

  • Promising, early stage companies with an aspiration to innovate with marketing and technology
  • Uniquely positioned in a new market or a new segment
  • Disrupting part of an industry or market, with a real chance to generate wealth for their investors
  • Divisions of larger companies with an intra-preneurial focus that need speed and violent execution

These kinds of companies are a distinct sector of the U.S. economy, averaging at least 20% growth over a four-year period. Contrary to popular belief, it is these emerging high growth firms—roughly 350,000—that represent the largest portion of job creation. They are found in all industries and span all geographical areas, and are often younger companies that surged early on only to find themselves starting to plateau. Their position in the market now finds them face to face against bigger, better-funded firms that have a mature infrastructure. They may be using new tools or have unexpected market complexity to deal with.

In order to survive, they must adapt and mature fast. The company’s marketing programs are likely in a transition phase much like the company itself. Early on, the company’s mission was entrepreneurial. Sales were the foundation of close relationships with a few key customers. The marketing strategy—value proposition, brand, pricing, go to market strategy, channels, etc.—was informal. Now, after experiencing a window of success, a fractional marketing team can be used to quickly scale execution to capitalize on opportunities.

Choosing to partner with a fractional marketing team could represent something much larger than simple marketing execution – especially if it is the company’s first foray into building a marketing management team.

Identifying the right fractional marketing team presents challenges. A company must be willing to delineate tasks to an organization that institutionalizes his or her teams’ talents and commitment. The fractional marketing team must know the company’s industry well and possess the domain expertise in order to bring in new thinking AND remain holistically the same.

Why choose Macon Raine as your Fractional Marketing Team?

Macon Raine works with companies that need more than an employee and less than an agency. In our engagements, we deliver a small, focused team of full-stack marketers with blended expertise in strategy, creative, design, technology, content and analytics. Together we balance and complement each other. Why hire just one person when you can get an entire fractional marketing team for the same price? Read the case study, look at the client testimonials and then contact us.