B2B Research Services

It is important to understand the overall market, business, industry and competitive pressures being faced by your targeted prospects. Our analysis helps your sales force and marketing team understand factors influencing prospect decisions as well as competitive pressures. Macon Raine’s B2B research services include:

Account Intelligence: Monitoring prospect or competitor press releases, tradeshows, conferences and seminars to keep your sales force up to date and informed on the activities of high-level accounts and industries.

Customer Research: Our market research capability is entirely focused on the identification of actionable, market level intelligence. Services provided include: Opportunity Scanning Program, Channel Marketing Partner Identification, Lost Account Tracking and Trade Show Intelligence

New Product/Concept Development Intelligence: Obtain competitors’, customers’ and other stakeholders’ assessment of a proposed new product features, functionalities and/or product concepts. Identify aided and unaided product trade-off decisions, preferences and reasons for product acceptance or rejection. Recommend a product development roadmap based on research input.

Competitive Analysis: A complete competitive analysis which includes identification, profiling, product features of the competitor along with identification of prospective competitors and overall understanding of the players in the market. We can also profile competitors based on their strategy, annual spend, brand value proposition, key customer values, and messaging tactics for different target markets (e.g., corporate vs. small business). Identify the channel’s and end-users’ perceptions about competitors, their brands and the associated messaging. Define appropriate messaging to achieve optimal competitive differentiation, maximum customer recall, and desired association of brand with key customer perceptions.

Strategic Account Intelligence: Identify a short list of accounts known to be early adopters, then investigate their purchase criteria and “hot button” issues, decision-making processes, budgets, planned projects, etc. to pre-qualify them for the client’s sales force. We also provide Account-Based Marketing Services.

Market Research and Strategy Validation: Macon Raine will survey your target market to help you better understand the impact of your sales message. Savvy marketers test their value proposition with actual decision-makers prior to launching a full-scale marketing campaign.

Target Database Assembly: Your direct mail and telemarketing programs are too valuable to waste on out-of-date prospect databases or over-used commercial lists. BWMG will craft a highly accurate database of your best prospects — companies and contacts — as matched to your specific sales criteria. Learn more about our B2B Data Services.