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Macon Raine is  is not  a Digital Marketing Agency

We’re more than a freelancer but less than a full-service agency. We’ve removed layers of account management so you work directly with the creative team. When you work with Macon Raine, you get a focused team of full-stack marketers that function as members of your marketing team. We each have unique skills, and together we balance and complement each other.

Why hire just one person when you can get a whole team of specialists?


What Can You Expect?

“Shortly after raising an important round of funding (and while we were hiring our in-house marketing team), we hired Macon Raine to jump in and get a lot of things done quick – from PPC, Pardot, social media, email marketing, partner program development, content development, analytics and more. They have the technical and industry skill set to understand our market without wasting time and they have a staff that is both broad and deep when it comes to the kind of flexible staffing we needed to get things done. In three short months, they finished a mammoth punch list so we didn’t lose any time.”

Stewart McGrath

“Macon Raine is my go-to for B2B marketing. I’ve worked with the Macon Raine team at three companies over my career. They’ve helped me to develop my marketing strategy and metrics; to execute campaigns with Pardot, HubSpot, Salesforce, and Google Ads; and to formulate content plans and then create content, refresh websites, launch a podcast, and, quite frankly, give me peace of mind. When I’m in a pinch or need long-term help with staff augmentation, I rely on Macon Raine.”

Peter Caron


Case Studies


Property Preservation Company Uses Fractional Marketing Team To Grow from $3M to $15M in Three Years


501(c)3 Google Grant Compliance For Newly Released Ad Grant Guidelines and Restrictions


501(c)3 Machinery Behavior & Education Group Google Grant Management


501(c)3 Travel Advocacy & Education Group



Full-Stack marketing Professionals

Need Interim Talent?

We’re way more than temps, staffing, or freelancers but less than a full service agency. We specialize in getting things done. Get in touch, we’ll build you a small, lean, productive team of full-stack B2B marketers with expertise in Salesforce, Hubspot, Pardot, Marketo, WordPress, Google Ads & Analytics, Drift chatbots, content marketing, CRM, marketing automation, social media, SEO/SEM, PPC, email marketing, and web development.

Product marketing talent on-demand

Get-to-Market Faster

Need a 50% FTE? Need to design a small half-time team consisting of the equivalent of a product marketing manager, copywriter, and a web/graphic designer? Our small team of product and corporate marketing thinkers and do-ers gives you fast access to an on-demand, agile, scalable team with broad domain expertise. Get in touch and leverage our teams for strategy, launch, content, web, and sales enablement.

Marketing Technology

Experience with Salesforce.com, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics plus most of the marketing automation platforms. If you want to talk about adaptive websites, behavioral-based lead tracking, Web visitor ID, dynamic nurture campaigns, dynamic list building, lead scoring and more, give us a call.

CRM Marketing Operations

If you need agency marketing services such as CRM and marketing automation operations on a part-time, contract-basis, we’re here for you. As a caveat, we are power-users comfortable with most systems – but we are not CRM developers or technical administrators.

Content Development

White papers, long-form content, technical articles, thought leadership, interactive white papers, click-bait, brand storytelling, SEO content, nurture emails and more. For high-volume, high-quality content development, we have the domain expertise you need to create killer content that converts.

SEO/PPC Digital Advertising

We approach SEO and PPC with an aggressive mindset built on finding and converting searcher intent. We ♥ snippets, SEOPresser, Yoast for WordPress and geek out on having quality scores in Adwords. We currently manage more than $1M in Google Adwords spend.

Sales Support

Sales and marketing alignment is easy when your digital marketing agency is generating high-quality leads and sales is converting leads to opportunities creating opportunities. Whether sales support or sales enablement, Macon Raine excels at the marketing/sales handoff.

Content Promotion

Creating great content is only half the job. Once your content is done, you need a marketing content agency to help you find the right promotional channels. Whether through influencer outreach, editorial relationships or native advertising, we are experts at selecting the optimum channel for your content.

Content Marketing Services

A strategic approach focused on writing, designing, and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent marketing content to attract and retain a defined audience — and, drive profitable customer action.

Analytics & ROI

Measure, manage and analyze marketing performance to maximize effectiveness and optimize return on investment (ROI). Certifications in Google Adwords, Google Analytics, BrightEdge and other analytic platforms.

Marketing Automation

Let us handle light integrations, configuration, deployment and management of campaigns from your marketing automation platform. We are super-users of Marketo, Pardot, HubSpot, SharpSpring, Mautic, Active Campaign and even Constant Contact.

B2B Data Services

Let our data specialists address and resolve your bad CRM data challenges. Work with our sister company (CleanMyCRM) to manually research dirty CRM records.

Google For Non Profits

Does your non-profit need an extra $120,000 per year in advertising? Do you want to grow donations and awareness for your 501(c)(3)? Our PPC agency marketing services include Google Grant Management where we can set up, manage and launch effective campaigns to fully optimize $10,000 a month in in-kind advertising.

Account Based Marketing

High-touch, contact-centric account-based marketing campaigns that leverage hyper-customization, killer offers, PR, direct mail, social media, community and direct contact by your outbound sales team.

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Ready to Get Started?

Your Marketing Team

Tonia Becker

Senior Marketing Strategist

I spent more than 19 years in the B2B publishing industry and perfected the craft of marrying content, audience, and timing for desired end results – such as moving prospective customers through the purchase decision making process. I particularly enjoy helping technology, pharmaceutical and life sciences companies advance their sales objectives.

Amy Sanders

Director of Marketing Operations

I specialize in marketing automation, search and PPC. We’re a hybrid B2B marketing agency, so my role is part consulting and part execution – I provide insight and experience as to best practices around effective campaigns with up-to-date knowledge of B2B digital marketing technology, best practices, strategies, and offerings.

Amanda Cook

Graphic Designer

I’m a creative director and graphic designer with more than 18 years experience. I help launch, manage, and grow brands with creativity and design. My true skill is understanding exactly what design clients want and need. I have designed rich campaigns for start-ups to leading brands.

Cherylyn Gnadt

Marketing Project Manager

The wearer of many hats. Creating, executing, and managing digital content that drives brand recognition for B2B and nonprofit organizations. Team collaborator and connector. I create focused, strategic content based upon a measurable matrix of goals.

Anne Tuisl

Director of Strategy

As a former corporate and channel marketing executive at NEC, I have been in your shoes. Now as I sit on the other side of the table, I am able to offer a unique perspective as a trusted advisor. I have extensive experience creating and implementing successful bottom-up strategies, strengthening existing channels and building new ones.

Jon Ekstrom

Senior Content Strategist

I’m a communications professional with more than 10 years of experience in media relations, strategic communication, and content creation. I’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits, and government clients. I believe every communications activity your organization undertakes should align with enterprise goals.

Ben Bradley

Creative Director

I’m a strategic B2B digital content marketer with more than 20 years experience in software, SaaS, manufacturing, professional healthcare, OSS/Billing, payments, higher education and more. I specialize in marketing strategy, content development, growth hacking, content promotion, conversion rate optimization (CRO), and direct response.

June Norris

Office Manager

June diligently manages the complex web of Macon Raine’s vast international holdings. She also makes sure that the IRS, employees, and vendors get paid on time. Born cranky but dedicated, June dislikes phone calls. Her hobbies include archery, mixed martial arts, and transfer taxation law.

David Raine

Advisor in Residence

Coming off of a very successful acting career in Japanese traditional theatre, David Raine is now a working SAG actor. After a long career in the Russian Naval special forces, he graduated New York University where he was ranked 2nd in the U.S. with a 3:57 mile time. David understands patience and hard work.

It’s raining cats and dogs!

Meet the Support Staff


Westfalian Loef Pinscher

As a key part of Macon Raine – a B2B Chicago-based content marketing agency, Rose is experienced with long-form content development, white papers, and thought leadership strategies.

The Scrappers

Graphic Designer

At Macon Raine, Scrappers specializes in graphic design, UI, and motion graphics. With a degree from Northern Illinois University, Scrappy enjoys baseball, swimming and long naps in the sun.

Mitch Skolnik

Community Manager

Mitch Skolnik (aka Buddy) is Macon Raine’s community manager. He is a digital-savvy employee, responsible for communications, content marketing, PR, social media, events, and content creation, among other things.

Lucille Jenkins

High Presbyterian Terrier

As a regular contributor to Forbes, Lucille helps help organizations accelerate ideas from the “hunch” stage into proof-of-concept through rapid-cycle prototyping and MVP product development.

Woody Wood Becker

Office Administration

Woody provides administrative support to the entire content marketing agency in matters related to billing, timekeeping, records retention, and governance. He enjoys soup and long walks on the beach.

Coco Sanders

Analytics and Big Data

Coco manages Macon Raine’s predictive analytics projects and has led over 100 projects in customer loyalty and data mining in the US and Europe. She is a graduate of the International Bankers School.

Shug Cook PhD

Speaker, Thought leader, Practice Manager

Shug is an organizational change expert, motivational speaker, professor, artist and dancer who inspires firms globally with new models of leadership, engagement, and award-winning education.

Col. Sunny Sanders

Vice President of Sales

Formerly Vice President of Sales for a leading provider of cloud-based customer engagement solutions, Sunny leads Macon Raine’s Chicago-based content marketing team.

Mr. Pickles

Payments Expert

Mr. Pickles spent 8 years working with merchants, banks and credit unions implementing payments solutions (ACH, Credit and Debit) before moving into executing on e-commerce strategies.

Sweet Spots

Industries We’ve Served

SaaS/AI/Machine Learning /Big Data

SaaS Security

SaaS Billing Quoting

SaaS/Supply Chain & Manufacturing



SaaS Salesforce Ecosystem

For Profit Education

Financial Services

SaaS/GIS Route Planning

SaaS Developer Tools

Higher Education

Life Science / Pharma / Cleantech


About Us

Full-Stack Marketing Professionals

We have worked in every part of the marketing and revenue pipeline and have completed hundreds of projects.

With Macon Raine as your partner, you can tap into the specialized competencies you need from accomplished marketers outside your organization — precisely when you need them.

Consider us a high-impact contributor, giving you superior value through a combination of proven experience, flexible solutions and competitive rates.

And because of our highly flexible and collaborative approach, we can tailor the number of hours and duration of projects and engagements to meet your unique requirements and situation.

So talk to us about your key initiatives and marketing challenges, and we’ll provide the right team of full-stack marketing professionals to help.

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