Managed marketing operations

Launch your campaigns, faster, with improved insights and greater transparency.

Marketing campaigns

Need operational support for your marketing team?

Let your marketing team focus on marketing, while we handle processes, people, systems, operations, automation, and reporting.

Work directly with managed marketing operations (MOPS) experts to define your customer journey, automate manual processes, measure and report on campaign performance, and ensure your data is syncing between systems so that you can leverage it effectively.

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Let maconRaine manage marketing operations

macon Raine’s Managed Marketing Operations teams ensure that your marketing activities align with business goals and are executed effectively to drive revenue growth. We’ll work to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing processes by automating and optimizing workflow, managing marketing data, and providing analytics and insights to support decision-making. Our MOPs team provides support in critical areas so you can achieve (and measure!) marketing excellence.


Customer journey

Align your marketing and sales teams by understanding how your customers progress through the buying process and remove friction by building funnel architecture to automate their journey.

  • Define your lifecycle stages
  • Automate movement through the funnel
  • Map lifecycle stages to marketing activities
  • Score your leads to surface those most likely to close


Campaign management

Tailoring your marketing campaigns to each individual contact can create a better customer experience, save you time and resources, build trust with your audience, and provide you with valuable data.

  • Send us the content, we will configure, launch, and measure the campaign
  • Automate your email communications with workflows
  • Segment your audience using active list logic
  • Create programmable emails customized to the recipient
  • See how your campaigns are performing with custom reports


Attribution and reporting

Connect your marketing efforts to your bottom line and understand which channels are working and which aren’t. Transform insight into action. We’ll consult with you on where to double down and where to pull budget allocation.

  • Discover what drives lead creation and revenue generation
  • Audit and clean your data so that you can believe your reports
  • Create a data model to ensure consistency and manage data quality
  • Get an at-a-glance view of your most important reports
  • Dig into second and third-level lead and deal sources
  • Select the best attribution model for your business


System integration

Empower your team with valuable data by syncing HubSpot with your CRM, ERP, or other systems. Whether it’s webinar software, data enrichment tools, or your direct mail software, with your tech stack integrated, you can knock down data silos, improve cross-functional relationships, and improve your segmentation.

  • Set up a two-way sync between your systems
  • Troubleshoot existing sync errors and missing data
  • Maintain data parity and avoid duplicates
  • Build reporting in your “source of truth” system
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