Case Study – Property Preservation

When the CEO of a property preservation Company wanted to grow his business, enter new markets and accelerate the sales funnel, he first started looking for a marketing manager good at everything that mattered – CRM, marketing automation, design, web development, copywriting, PPC, and SEO.

Searching for a Marketing Unicorn

According to the CEO, “we quickly learned that finding someone that can do everything wasn’t feasible. So, we started interviewing marketing agencies. It didn’t take long for us to learn we didn’t have the budget to make us interesting to a larger agency.”

A different approach was needed.

“We decided what we needed was something that was less than an agency, more than an employee, and way more than a freelancer.  We needed assistance in so many areas – strategy, content creation, content syndication, PPC, SEO, email outreach, marketing automation, and graphic design. Given our budget, hiring an internal resource that was good at all of this would be nearly impossible.

Enter Macon Raine

“Macon Raine offered to build us a team with people that already understood our industry.”

Macon Raine started with a lead writer that was familiar with the property preservation industry. Each person had a primary function such as graphic design or copywriting but was also proficient in other areas such as marketing automation, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, native advertising, SEO,, and more.

“When we were expanding into a new geography, building awareness for a trade show, updating the website or creating new SEO content, Macon Raine was able to provide exactly the resources needed to accomplish the tasks for about the same or less than the cost of hiring a senior marketing manager.”

It Takes a (Smallish) Village

In the three years since the Company engaged with Macon Raine they have successfully expanded their business into 14 new states and have experienced an 1100% average annual increase of net new lead volume.

While many factors have gone into the success the organization has enjoyed – the Company attributes Macon Raine’s awareness and demand generation activities as a major contributor to their rapid growth.

The CEO sums it up, “we needed accountability and transparency without always worrying about how we spent each cent of the marketing budget – we wanted an agency partner that would invest in our business and lead – we didn’t have time to manage them – we just wanted someone agile that would jump in, understand our industry, measure, and report on performance (and quickly adapt when things were not working) all while getting stuff done.”