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Specialists in building SMALL custom
business workflow applications

Need custom workflows? Better processes or streamlined work hand-offs within Salesforce? Need a way to make Salesforce easier to use? Have you implemented #Salesforce but still don’t feel like you are getting the right ROI? Don’t know (or don’t care about) the difference between Lightning Bolts, Process Builder, Flow Builder, and BPM?

If you are running into problems that should be simple in Salesforce but aren’t, the solution may lie in very small, simple, and very targeted customization. Small, incremental tweaks can do wonders for user adoption and satisfaction.

As power users of the Salesforce platform, we understand your integration and configuration options. Got questions? We can help.  If we can’t, we probably know someone that can.

Salesforce Apps - Faster, Cheaper

Unlike Salesforce consulting firms, we’re a group of marketing operations power users that have figured out how to quickly deliver custom Salesforce workflows and process solutions quickly and easily. We’re not developers – just advanced Salesforce users that know how to make things work. 

Let’s talk about your project. It’s easy to get started and chances are good we can deliver the solution you need faster and more efficiently than you could ever imagine.

Here’s the process…

Schedule an introductory 15 minute call where you tell us what you want to do. If we think we can help, we schedule a formal discovery session. If we can’t help, we refer you to someone that can.

Schedule a 60 minute discovery session to discuss your needs
Discuss different ways your needs can be met.
Agree on an approach and a scope of work.
We write and send a statement of work. You review and approve our statement of work and proposal.

7 days later we deliver a working proof of concept that demonstrates core functionality.

Upon approval of the proof of concept, with your modifications and changes, we deliver the final workflow and process within a deadline defined in the proposal.
You get our invoice. The first average project usually runs from $5000 to $7500.

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Typical Use Cases – Collaborative Work Management

Clients usually request our help for business process challenges – they ask us to fix things that should be simple in Salesforce but aren’t. Typical use cases for Custom Salesforce applications include:

  • Managing document approvals: Streamlining internal and external operations with time-sensitive, complex end-to-end processes such as proposal reviews and approvals.
  • Tracking work: Making sure that work is performed in the right sequence by the right person at the right time; making sure that nothing falls through the cracks;
  • Identifying issues: Creating processes that redflag potential problems, lack of follow-up, lack of critical steps, so they can be dealt with before they get out of hand.
  • Delivering services: Managing process-driven projects such as the installation of hardware, cabinets, POS systems, and more