Content Marketing Playbook

The Macon Raine Content Marketing Playbook explains the six stages of content marketing success, each of which will prepare you to develop a content marketing plan that will align with and support your company’s goals and objectives.

  • STRATEGERY: Identify Objectives
  • CONTACT PLAN: Understand Buyers and establish metrics
  • IDENTIFY GAPS AND DEFINE THE METRICS: Inventory your existing content and establish KPI’s
  • CHANNELS & TACTICS: Build Content
  • EXECUTION: Promote Content and Organize Distribution
  • AUTOMATE, OPTIMIZE, REPEAT: Measure and Optimize Campaign Performance

Most important, before you implement a new content strategy, establish a plan and a framework for your organization’s content marketing program.

  • Content marketing strategery
  • Ensure senior management commitment to content marketing
  • Content Marketing Knowledge
  • Strength of Existing Assets
  • Competitive Insight
  • Content Marketing Staff & Resources
  • Plan & Distribution
  • Process Documentation
  • Governance & Measurement

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