B2B Lead Generation Services

Allowing your sales people to focus on closing sales instead of trying to build a lead list is critical to successfully filling the sales pipeline and insuring sufficient future cash flow. Use our B2B Lead Generation service to gather information from a prospect (or customer) in order to qualify them for a sale or future follow up.


Obtain Better Qualified B2B Leads

Increase Sales

Raising Your Sales Team’s Morale

Improve Your Closing Ratio

How We Do It

Our six-step B2B process pinpoints the decision maker through various methods; providing the features and benefits of your product, service, and company; gathering all appropriate contact information, profiling and qualifying.

Possible Uses

Qualify leads from other sources – tradeshows, internet hits, consumer opinion or broadcast fax, email or mail campaigns

Entering a new geographic area

Approaching a new target audience

Appointment Setting

How valuable is getting your salespeople in front of extremely interested and pre-qualified prospects with a minimum of effort on their part? What if they have all the information pertaining to that prospect in their notes? We can set sales appointments (both face to face or phone appointments), utilizing cold call lists, warm call lists, and/or your existing customer base so that your sales force can avoid many of the tedious, time consuming, non-income producing steps of the sales process! Remember Sales People are paid to sell.


Increase your sales without hiring additional salespeople

Maximize the productivity of your sales force

Deal with truly interested prospects

Speed up the sales cycle

How We Do It

After passing a predefined qualification process, we provide support for advancing the prospect to the next level of interest, ultimately ending in a face to face appointment or phone appointment.

Possible Uses

Introduce new salesperson or load up existing salespeople with full pipeline

Create sales activity for new product launch

Maximize use of travel (set appointments in the area you are traveling to)

Set private showings for trade shows