More revenue. That’s where we help.

Macon Raine is a top B2B marketing agency.

When you work with Macon Raine, you harness a low risk, variable-cost, powerful, affordable and proven means to create new customers.

As a Chicago B2B marketing agency, we provide clients with a result everyone knows how to measure: top-line growth. Clients include tech start-ups, professional services firms, SaaS providers, ISVs, a MssP, a manufacturer, a retail marketing agency, market research firms, VARs, VADs, IT solutions providers, manufacturers, distributors and more.

Our approach is simple and expedient. We start with an analysis of your current strategy and an 80/20 prioritization of action items that produce maximum new margin in the shortest amount of time. We don’t try to do everything at once. We move from one point of your sales funnel to the next. Fixing what needs to be fixed and building what needs to be built.

We bring a lot to the table – deep subject matter expertise, battle-tested sales, operations, marketing, and creative skills plus an intimate knowledge of most CRM and marketing automation platforms.

Unlike other B2B agencies, we’ve removed layers of account management so you work directly with the creative team – a focused team of full-stack marketers that function as part of your marketing team. We each have unique skills, and together we balance and complement your team and each other.

Why hire just one person when you can get a whole team of specialists?

For fast-growing companies, we take both time and cost out of the growth equation. Traditionally, an org needs multiple full-time hires to cover the breadth of experience that we provide as a single combined team.

Typical B2B Engagements

Audience: B2B
Industries: Information technology, marketing, real estate, education
Revenue: $3MM – $120MM annual revenue (worked with companies as low as $500k)
Company size: 20 – 200 employees

Typical digital advertising and marketing services provided:

Demand Generation: A holistic B2B demand gen strategy that can be executed across a variety of marketing programs, with the ability to measure the impact of each program’s ability to generate revenue.

Content Strategy / SEO: Development and execution of an SEO-first content strategy, leveraging content to grow top of funnel organic traffic, with the overall goal of building the prospect database and eventual sales pipeline through increased inbound conversion rates.

PPC Management: We have 10+ years experience managing paid marketing programs, working with paid search, targeted ad networks, native advertising, complex attribution models, and more.

Reporting: Providing all aspects of marketing reporting – primarily with visibility into performance at every stage of your funnel – from initial lead through to opportunity pipeline and revenue.

CRM Administration: We leverage as part of the marketing infrastructure to facilitate prospect flow through to sales teams. We handle new implementations as well as provide ongoing administration paired with your marketing automation platform.

Marketing Automation: We’re experienced with Pardot, Marketo, and Hubspot and our goal is to provide greater transparency into your entire marketing/sales funnel. We leverage marketing automation to facilitate deeper prospect engagement through lead nurturing and lead lifecycle management.

We’re rethinking the B2B agency model

Macon Raine is changing the way you work with a B2B digital agency. We have no salespeople or account leads. When you talk to us, you are talking to the people that will be doing your work. After all, your marketing is lean and you need domain expertise as well as a level of sophistication that traditional agencies can’t provide. While most agencies focus simply on acquisition (and lead quality be damned), we focus on the entire funnel – from demand generation all the way through to the technical automation and CRM infrastructures required for moving prospects through the buyer journey to sales pipeline and revenue.

This is what we do. As a top B2B web marketing agency, we hold ourselves accountable to what matters most – new revenue. Looking for a Chicago B2B marketing agency? Get in touch today. Macon Raine is a lean B2B digital marketing agency. Content marketing packages start at just $5000/month.

Looking for the best B2B digital marketing and lead generation agency?

Macon Raine is a lead generation agency that focuses on driving growth for B2B companies. We help companies use inbound marketing, account-based marketing, and sales enablement to improve lead generation rates. We work with B2B enterprises and organizations wishes to scale their marketing efforts. We focus on sales qualified lead generation and prospect-to-lead conversion rates.

Are we the right content marketing agency for you?

Call if you need an exceptionally talented team of B2B marketers with content, design and technology expertise (CRM, marketing automation, PPC, and SEO). We’re a perfect fit if you want to invest in long-term growth, you want a partner that gets strategy, content, and technology, and you think SEO should be part of everything you do.

Why Macon Raine?

We have worked in every part of the marketing and revenue pipeline and have completed hundreds of projects in technology, higher education, and financial services. With Macon Raine as your partner, you can tap into the specialized competencies you need from accomplished marketers — precisely when you need them.

Consider us a high-impact contributor, giving you superior value through a combination of proven experience, flexible solutions, and competitive rates. And because of our highly flexible and collaborative approach, we can tailor the number of hours and duration of projects and engagements to meet your unique requirements and situation.