Product positioning and warm dead chicken

Make no mistake—no matter what you do or sell, your company and your product positioning are more than warm dead chicken.

Good companies are often run by smart people – people who dig for the facts, who base decisions on solid intelligence, and who were good students passionate about learning.

Unfortunately, not everyone fits that profile.

If B2B buyers were comprised primarily of people in that mindset, simply reciting the documentable facts about the features of your service, or invention, or streamlined business process would be sufficient to pique the market’s curiosity and generate a trial of your offering. It’s the equivalent of posting warm dead chicken on the menu instead of coq au vin (image credit).Coq au Vin - Foodie Crush

But it is not.  For every potential customer leisurely browsing for some unexpected breakthrough to his challenges, there are hundreds, probably thousands doing a quick search for a specific solution, workaround, or best practice that doesn’t involve enormous risks or disruption.

The facts, as you know them, are only one set of information that potential customers may use in trying to find something useful.

Their problems, as they experience them, are another; the ultimate goal they are trying to achieve is another; the business process they would have to integrate your solution into are another; and industry buzzwords highlighting a champion competitor is another.  And so on.

Among your early strategies for reaching your buyers are being “where the prospect is” – in current mind space or aperture as you have learned that to be.

Do you know what your current customers think of the solutions they currently get from you? Have a list of add-on features they want you to develop? Identified a distinct new market segment that you could serve if you could gauge interest?

These are the things that the words your firm distributes must embody.  Yes, that’s the writing! That stuff that’s on your website, in your founder’s blog, in your customer service intranet, your customer service call scripts.

How do you populate the innumerable things that your firm must commit to writing to distribute to customers, prospects, investors, opinion-shapers, regulators, as well as those just browsing?

Upgrade your words. Don’t rely on the occasional inspiration of the best writer inside your organization, or relegate this important activity to your free time after your meat-grinder days.

Get a content marketing agency that’s been there—in the decision-making seat, knowing what you want to say but unable to invest the time to get the messages balanced, impactful, and actionable.

Technology may develop one set of features at a time, but people understand what it can do for them one story at a time – starting with the story they’re trying to complete with their workdays.  Hook your value into that story.

Choose a performance marketing agency specializing in conceptual development, product positioning, bold, memorable writing, and execution with an eye to maximum re-use. Use them to link your current disparate artifacts into one coherent story that reinforces the most critical of your truths with the blanks in a customer’s current business.

Choose a resource with a process for doing this, not some frustrated novelist trying to keep a roof over his head until the novel sells.

Choose a B2B content marketing and SEO partner who’s both passionate about business and passionate about crafting the words you need to infect others with your vision.

It matters.  How many restaurants would you frequent if they just served warm dead chicken?



macon Raine