What is Your Crisis Growth Plan?

Even in crazy times, there are new revenue opportunities everywhere. You just need to know where to look. Here’s our growth plan for the remainder of the year:

  1. Find hidden opportunities. This week we launched a Pay for Performance Lead Generation program to support our existing clients. We’re also using buyer intent data for remarketing with great success.
  2. Get better at remote. Prior to Covid, we did remote poorly, mainly because I am a cheapskate and hated spending $ on office space. Strategically, getting better at remote collaboration is now front and center. We partnered with Work-Relay to fine tune Salesforce.com processes and workflow. We’re also improving how we work with Basecamp and learning quite a bit by following Jason Fried and other work from home advocates.
  3. Be faster. The website needed a quick pivot. We re-did our website in less than 10 hours. We’ll update and fine tune the site going forward. Perfect is the enemy of good enough.
  4. Execute. Got an idea? Move on it fast but don’t over invest. Get to market fast, if you get kicked in the teeth, rebuild and try again, fast.
  5. Think small. Small projects, violently executed now, are better than giant projects executed next month. Everything is an experiment. Do the least amount of work to learn quickly. Avoid wasting resources on projects that are not yet proven.
  6. Be agile. From now on, every web project we do will be agile. Instead of a one-time project, every web design should be an iterative and on-going process. A site with high conversion rates and user engagement doesn’t happen overnight. That is why massive, flashy design changes in a traditional design process often come with massive cuts in conversion rates precisely because these changes were not rigorously and iteratively tested for effectiveness. It is easier and faster to deal with incremental, granular changes in site design. Learn more about our agile website redesign approach here.
  7. Stay visible. You can’t ignore your personal or social media networks. Stay visible, stay relevant, and stay in touch.

What does your growth plan look like? What are you doing differently?



macon Raine